The wonderful world of Maria Svarbova

Since I discovered Maria Svarbova I’m simply in love with her work. I’ve always been a photography enthusiast, but her exceptional graphic compositions and execution really struck a chord with me.

Maria Svarbova was born in Slovakia. Despite studying restoration and archaeology, her preferred artistic medium is photography after getting a professional camera as a gift from her sister. Since 2010 that Maria’s photography continues to be praised internationally by the art community, also being featured in Vogue, Forbes, and other publications around the world.

Maria Svarbova art
Maria Svarbova art
Maria Svarbova art


One of the things I love about her work is the distinctive style that diverges from the traditional portraiture to a more editorial one, where she stages highly controlled, minimal and sterile scenarios with an almost cinematographic retro look – strongly influenced by the soviet history of her country – creating amazing compositions of space, patterns and vibrating colours in a dream-like atmosphere, with a touch of futuristic look & feel.

The use of the human body is also interesting, many times just another object there without explicit emotion or expression, giving the impression that the moment was frozen… but, at the same time, you are also given the perception of what they are doing or feeling. Just the right dose of weirdness.

Finally, one of biggest reasons to enjoy her work is that I see a lot of graphic design in it, the way she experiments within the composition, the detailed matching of colour and shapes with the background or the balanced space symmetry… it’s just exceptional!!

You can follow Maria’s work everywhere nowadays, but as she is strongly featured on social media your best window to her most recent experimentation would be here.

Written by Paula Neail

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