Going ‘on’ the grid

Going ‘on’ the grid

As creative’s we like to think we are in the know when it comes to new and interesting things happening around us… We know all the little secrets: restaurant openings; hidden drinking dens, underground clubs and must see creative events; you know the type of thing.

But where do you go to discover all that’s buzzing in an unfamiliar city? Once upon a time it was Lonely Planet, Time Out or even Wallpaper city guides, but almost as soon as they were printed they were out of date. So where do you turn now in the digital age of generation Z?

Most travel sites show you the mainstream touristy bits, where everyone goes. But where do the creative and the curious go to find out the ‘in’ places to see and be seen? How do I experience what it’s like to be a local in the city even if I’m visiting for the very first time?

Introducing www.onthegrid.city a website that answered these questions and more, and quite simply blew me away.

The site is built on the local knowledge of the creative communities in cities across the globe. As their intro states, ‘On the Grid is a collection of 514 neighbourhood guides lovingly curated by local creatives in 101 cities around the world.’

Constantly being updated and added to, onthegrid is fast becoming the web bible for when creatives travel.

I’m about to depart for a weekend in Berlin and can’t wait to put the local knowledge to the test. And as they say in Germany ‘Tschüss für heute’.


Written by Treve Ripley

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