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As we celebrate Nutrition & Hydration Week, it is interesting to note that the health and wellness industry was worth @£25m in the UK in 2017 and that figure is set to rise again in 2018.

With new research from Mintel suggesting that as many as one in four (24%) Brits have consumed a sports nutrition product in the past 3 months, rising to 42% of men aged 16-24 it got us thinking about our TR favourite high protein dairy drink – Acti-shake. Not that we’re bias you understand.

Acti-shake is a nutritious low-fat, high protein dairy drink, which sits in the food to go section and promotes a healthy lifestyle. TR created the name and identity for Acti-shake in 2015 when it launched as a new tertiary protein dairy drink sold exclusively in one of the UK’s largest supermarkets. From brand creation and launch in 2015, the product’s Retail Sales Value (RSV) has now topped £10m.

Naturally, we are delighted for our client, Golden Acre Dairy and the incredible impact the brand has made in the market – and you’ll find the TR team fully hydrated this week as we raise a glass of Acti-shake to our client’s continued success!

For more, and to see our award winning branding for Najma (Halal International Food Awards brand of the year) click here.

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Written by Paula Neail

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